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Join The Program That Has Been Responsible For Over $11M In Student Revenue And Learn How To Build Your Own Highly Profitable Ecommerce Business From Home

...A Skill My Top Students Are Using To Live The Life Of Their Dreams
What Your Going To Learn In Ecom Uprise University 3.0...
   WEEK 1: Developing A MILLIONIARE Mindset
It all starts with the mind. Other programs completely ignore this part, but is actually the most important part.
Your going to learn what it really takes to develop the Millionaire mindset, the tactics the science behind it all. Entrepreneurship is a process, your going to learn how the 1%  think and why the 99% FAIL.
   WEEK 2: Creating A 6-Figure Ecommerce Store From Scratch
It all starts with your online store. The structure, the layout, the branding is just the first pillar for online success but it's a crucial one. 

In this portion of your mentorship, your going to learn the exact steps to create the perfect online store. I'm going to show you a in depth walkthrough on how I setup my MILLION DOLLAR stores so you can replicate it for yourself.

In Ecom Uprise University there is no guessing games, I show you what works.
   WEEK 3: How To Find Million Dollar WINNER Products
Now that you got the online store complete, how do you know what kind of products to sell?
That's the trick... it's the system I spent tens of thousands to develop. With the Ecom Uprise University Product Finder System we don't guess what product will do well, we know how to find the products that are already killing it out there and blow all competition out of the water... it's that simple.
    WEEK 4: My Million Dollar Facebook Ads Blueprint (Beginners)
Now that you found your product, created your store, it's time to actually get some people to your online store so you can get some sales. We do that with something called Facebook ads.

Your going to learn my exact 7-Figure facebook tactics, yes, the EXACT (copy + paste) tactics I used to generate over $1.5M online with.

... and hey ask my millionaire students if they work as well ;) (See testimonial section)
   WEEK 5: Advanced Facebook Ads & Massive Scaling ($1000+ A DAY!)
With Ecom Uprise Upelevel program is not only for beginners but it's also for those who are ready to scale their product to the moon.

Your going to learn how I and my students scale products from $1000-$10,000 A DAY in the matter of weeks!

Yes it took months of hard work for me, but it was all worth it. If your willing to do the same then your in the perfect place.
   WEEK 6: Maximizing Profits With Advanced Backend Strategies
Want to learn the exact strategies MULTI-MILLION or even BILLION-DOLLAR companies are using to almost double their online revenue? We gotchu covered.

In this weeks segment I'm going to teach you the tactics on how to take your customers and make sure they never want to stop buying from you.

Imagine every one of your customers buy 2 products instead of one, BOOM... you double your sales instantly. How you ask? Well, your about to find out in Ecom Uprise University. 
   WEEK 7: Creating A 7-Figure Ecommerce Brand 
Now all this online stuff is cute and all but how do you create an income for yourself for years and years to come?

The key is to build a BRAND, not just a store that does well for a couple weeks then stops doing sales. Your going to learn exactly how to make consistent sales and profit for years and years with your online business.
   WEEK 8:  TikTok & Snapchat Ads Mastery
Now you can ask my hundreds of students, I NEVER frekin stop. My only goal is for you to succeed and if your willing to never give up and do what ever it takes, work hard, and go all in no matter what it takes, then I'm willing to help you.

Every month we add updated video's in the program so the excitement never stops. Next up is TikTok and Snapchat ads! Things are always changing and tiktok and snapchat ads are the next big thing. We will be publishing these videos soon.
How Your Life May Be Transformed…
​ A Skill You Can Turn To For Life: .Ecommerce is taking over and it's just becoming bigger and bigger. The ability to use this skill to provide for your family and live the life of your dreams is mind-blowing. However, that does NOT mean you don’t need to do work. Within EUU, you WILL need to do work. In fact, you may need to give up a few certain comforts in life to be able to achieve the maximum results. Do NOT expect to get results without first putting in the work.
​ ​ Live Your Life On Your Own Terms: When your running an online business, you can work anywhere you are in the world. All you need is a phone with reception. That’s it. Imagine waking up to thousands of dollars in sales, best feeling in the world... and yes you did that all while sleeping.
And much, much more...
Joey Went From Working At Wendy's To Over $1M In Revenue
Plus, If You’re Someone Who Just Gets It And Who Takes Action
 Right Now, You’ll Also Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses...
Plus, If You’re Someone Who Just Gets It And Who Takes Action Right Now, You’ll Also Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses...
Private Mentorship Group Chat Access + 6 & 7 Figure Community
(Value: $2,995.00)
With Ecom Uprise University your going to have access to the entire Ecom Uprise Family. The problem with most courses is that along your journey you may get stuck somewhere with no where to turn. That's why your going to get access to our 6 & 7 Figure group chat.

Filled with students ranging from beginners to those who have done up to 7 figures in sales, meaning any problem that you may a-counter, shoot it in the group and we gotcha covered. 

PLUS your going to have the opportunity to  network and learn from all those who are in the process of mastering the ecom craft just like you.
The $0-$5K A Day Case Study Series
(Value: $1,296.00)
Now here's the problem with GURUS out there. Most of them give you outdated tactics or give you tactics that they never actually done for themself. Well your in luck, because I just finished recording a case study series where I take a BRAND NEW shopify store to $5000 A DAY under 25 days, and guess what? I DO IT LIVE.

Your going to be able to see the exact process on how I choose a MILLION dollar product live, set up the store, and even the ads step by step, so you can do it for yourself.
Winning Product Cheat Sheets, Private Suppliers, & Payment Providers, Video editors and more!
(Value: $1,696.00)
I hook you up with everything you need to succeed. Ya I'm talking my exact winning product criteria, access to my private payment providers, and suppliers who can get you faster and cheaper shipping, access tp my video editors who create the best converting dropshipping ads out there and more.

When you join the Ecom Uprise family you are sure to be surprised with how much we prepare you for success.

So hurry and enroll now... there has never been a better time to blow up your own online store.
From Men And Women From 70+ Countries Who Was Once In Your Shoes,
 Many Of Whom Were Very Skeptical Before Joining, But Were Willing To
 Take A Leap Of Faith And Go After Their Dreams
Wendy's Worker to MILLIONAIRE
"Sam you changed my life I was working at wendy's 10 months ago and now making $300k a month."  - Joey
Yep, your seeing correctly. Joey went from working at wendy's to now making over $300,000 a month with his online business. 

He knew he deserved more and took a leap of faith that paid off big time!
College Student To ABSOLUTE BALLER!
"Rob knew he deserved more than the regular life, he starting building his ecommerce business never did he know how much it would change his life around forever"
When Rob started his Ecommerce business, he knew NOTHING. He knew that if he wanted to succeed he would need to put in the work, but not just work, the right type of work. Rob turned to Sam for guidance, used his exact system and BAM! Results started to fly in day by day. Now Rob lives the life he always dreamt about.
Everything Changed
"Before working with Sam I barley even knew what dropshipping was, after working with Sam... well let the results speak for themself"
Sitting in his college dorm, Sean knew he deserved more. He started his online business with 0 knowledge but dove straight in with the right mindset... LEARN FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS THE RESULTS I WANT. Soon enough Sean was able to drop out of college and now is living the life he always wanted.

From $0-$20K IN 1 MONTH
"Not only have I put in a lot of work myself I couldn't of done it without Sam..."
Daniel wanted results, and he was more driven then ever. He knew if he tried to figure it out himself not only would he lose tens of thousands of dollars but to he process would take 10X longer then if he just learnt from someone who has what he wants. Daniel used Sam's exact strategies and within 1 month he was able to generate over $20,000 with his store.
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